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4 Splurge-Worthy Skincare Treatments

Okay, let’s be honest, sometimes cosmetic treatments can be… expensive–to say the least.

Now that truth bomb’s out of the way, we can be straight up in saying that sometimes we just want to treat ourselves.

Of course one day that means actually eating the whole cinnamon roll, but other times that means getting your spa on at home and splurging on that skincare treatment.

Here are four items we think are worth the splurge.

Oxygen Facials

In an oxygen facial, a machine uses a stream of pressurized oxygen to spray moisturizers, broken down and atomized, right onto your skin.

Only your lungs can absorb the oxygen but you’re hydrating your skin next-level with active ingredients like antioxidants, peptides and vitamins.

The oxygen is what delivers the actives to your face.

How much does the treatment cost? Around $300. It’s no minor cost, but it’ll leave you looking radiant.

LED Facial

This is another type of facial, but this time it’s using LEDs. So what? Is it touching lights to your face? How’s it work?

Essentially, each color of LED light works a different kind of magic. Blue light kills bacteria. Red light fights inflammation.

All of them end up stimulating the magic substance collagen.

And you can get this treatment for a cool $150, up to $300.


Now here’s one on the list that’s a bit more well known. You might think of microdermabrasion as “super-exfoliation” but it’s actually a bit more nuanced than that.

Stimulating collagen synthesis is usually, counter intuitively, the result of damaging the skin.

But it’s damaging the skin in such a way that it stimulates the skin’s repair protocol without actually causing deep or lasting damage.

This one’s a bit cheaper than the others, at about $80.


What’s dermaplaning? Another type of exfoliation treatment, but this time it’s quite a bit more precise… almost surgical.

A literal surgical blade is used. Dead tissue is removed from the skin using the blade. The result? After a few days of redness, your skin comes back more radiant than it’s basically ever looked.

One thing to watch out for: you might not want to try this if you’re especially acne prone.

This one goes from $40 to $150.

Interested in other ways of “treating yourself?” Want to know how to take care of your skin in general?

Call a dermatologist or plastic surgeon in your area today to try one of these great procedures.


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