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10 Reasons to See a Physicians Assistant

10 Reasons to See a Physicians Assistant

Physician assistants are proving themselves day by day. They’re presence in the medical field is growing because of their vast knowledge and unique attributes.

It is not without extensive medical education and guidance from a licensed doctor that PAs are helping people around the country.

Here are a handful of reasons you should have no qualms about being treated by a PA.

They Are Trained Medical Professionals

A professor at George Washington University assured that PAs are licensed medical professionals who can test, treat and prescribe medication for patients.

Extensive Training

Gabriel Ortiz is a PA out of Texas. He is trained to administer pulmonary function tests to treat patients before they suffer more life-threatening concerns like anaphylactic reaction.

Dynamic Duo

PAs are never alone. They are considered dependent practitioners so you can rest assure that they are crosschecking and collaborating with their doctor onsite.

Wealth of Knowledge

Physician assistants can sometimes take the same clinicals as doctors. One doctor described how there were PA students among his cohort of medical students.

Use Your Head

PAs provide not only expert care but quality customer service. For extreme cases like head injuries, they are the first to see the patient before even the doctor.

Specialized Care

PAs are certified generalists, providing supreme flexibility in the kind of patients they work with one-on-one.

More Access

With over 100,000 PAs in the country, that much more medical care is available for those who are in need the most.

Available Anywhere

PAs have been known to work anywhere from national parks to emergency rooms. You may have encountered one and not even known it.

Open Ears

As doctors have numerous patients to tend to, his time between all of them diminishes. PAs have much more time to really engage with the fewer patients they have.


As physician assistants can practice anywhere, they can really find the setting they love—from hospice to nursing homes—which only makes for a better experience for the patient.

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