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Beware of Silicone Butt Injections - They Can be Deadly

Beware of Silicone Butt Injections - They Can be Deadly

Patients have been increasingly interested in butt augmentation and are going to drastic measures for a bigger backside.

While some buttock enhancement procedures are safe when performed by a licensed physician, silicone butt injections can be deadly.

Physicians strongly warn any patient interested in butt augmentation to avoid injectable silicone entirely.

Why Silicone Butt Injections Are So Dangerous

When injected into the buttocks, silicone is a material that can travel, leading to increased complications and difficulty removing the substance surgically.

This tendency to migrate is especially serious when displaced silicone blocks blood vessels in major organs.

This adverse effect can cause tissue damage, stroke, and death.

Injectable Silicone Is Not Approved by the FDA

Injectable silicone has never received FDA approval and is not the same as silicone breast implants. Many patients agree to butt injections thinking that they are receiving a filler such as Sculptra or Restylane, when the injectable is actually silicone.

Patients Want Inexpensive Butt Augmentations, but Don't Realize the Dangers

Physicians believe a major issue with silicone butt injections are their demand and availability. Patients are asking for bargain butt augmentations and more individuals are willing to perform this type of unsafe treatment.

Unfortunately, these individuals are not only injecting silicone into the buttocks, they are also injecting tire lubricant and other dangerous products.

How to Protect Yourself When Having Butt Injections

Patients should always see a board-certified physician for any type of cosmetic procedure, including butt injections. Stay away from nail salons and other non-medical establishments as well.

To be certain of the injectable being used, patients should ask to see the box or syringe prior to the procedure. Make sure that the name you read matches the product that the provider promises.

If you are interested in safe and effective options for butt augmentation, please call a reputable cosmetic medical professional in your area.

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