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Getting Real About Laser Hair Removal

Getting Real About Laser Hair Removal

If you’re someone who’s prone to ingrowns, sensitive to shaving and waxing, or just looking for a more convenient and permanent method of hair removal, then laser hair removal may be an ideal solution. 

Continue reading to learn the ins and outs of laser hair removal, and what patients can expect should they decide to undergo this light-based treatment.

Laser Hair Removal is Surprisingly Fast

Most patients are pleased to learn that laser hair removal treatments are extremely quick and efficient. For small areas, like the lip, chin, neck, and underarms, the procedure takes approximately 10 minutes.

Medium-sized body parts, including the bikini region, shoulders, or lower legs, can be completed in about 20 minutes.

Accordingly, women and men can undergo laser hair removal over their lunch break and return to work immediately after.

It Can Transform Your Skin

When people consider the benefits of laser hair removal, they automatically think of eliminating unwanted hair. But those who’ve had the treatment, reveal that it does much more.

So, what else can laser hair removal do for you skin? Reduce ingrown hairs, eliminate razor burn, and make skin much softer–to name a few.

It also targets and destroys follicles, which means patients can say good-bye to dark shadows, that often persist despite a fresh shave.

You Can See Significant Improvement After the First Session

Following their initial laser hair removal session, patients may be shocked by the degree of reduction. Many report that hair in the area appears patchy, finer and doesn’t return for weeks to months.

With that being said, optimal outcomes are best achieved with a series of six-to-eight treatments, spaced six-to-eight weeks apart.

Laser Hair Removal is Virtually Painless, Even on Sensitive Areas

One of the most common questions that patients ask is, “Does laser hair removal hurt?” Post-procedure, they are happy to report that the process is extremely tolerable and feels similar to a rubber band lightly snapping against the skin.

This is true for even the most sensitive treatment areas, like Brazilian bikini, which many claim is much more comfortable than waxing.

Learn More About Laser Hair Removal

If you are considering laser hair removal, contact a reputable medical professional in your area today to schedule a comprehensive consultation with an experienced laser specialists.

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