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Microneedling with PRP

Microneedling may be a low-tech solution, but that doesn't mean the at-home experience is going to be the same as what you get at a clinic.

That's according to Tina Alster, a Dermatology Professor at Georgetown. Microneedling should be handled by a professional, she insists.

Why's that?

The Importance of Sterile Equipment

No matter what, you're still puncturing the skin with microneedling. Which means that regardless of the seeming simplicity of the procedure, it should be handled by a medical professional. 

So what's the at-home version? The fact is, at home needles don't penetrate the skin. Their needles are shorter and duller.

This doesn't have the same effect of puncturing the skin just enough to stimulate collagen production. 

Not to mention, the more skilled the person performing it, the better results you'll generally see from microneedling. 

Does Platelet Rich Plasma Make the Procedure Work Even Better?

Microneedling has many advantages over other skin rejuvenation techniques--not the least of which is its quick recovery time and its lack of reliance on light, which can cause pigmentation issues.

The only drawback is if you have acne, or any other form of inflammation or infection, it can be exacerbated by microneedling.

It gets even better, however, when you consider the addition of PRP to the procedure. After all, microneedling opens up the channels for the PRP to be absorbed by your body, and PRP provides the necessary growth factors to make the healing process even more efficient.

Therefore you're seeing some great results that you'd only usually see from higher tech and more involved skin rejuvenation techniques, with the same fast downtime that microneedling always brings.

Overall, it creates a better procedure due to the synergistic effects of both the microneedling and PRP

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