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RH Star Blames Mommy Makeover for Miscarriage

RH Star Blames Mommy Makeover for Miscarriage

One set of plastic surgeries, known colloquially as a Mommy Makeover, can cause some issues for bringing a baby to full development.

If there's any chance of you being pregnant, you should be very careful when considering plastic surgery.

This may seem like a no brainer. But it's often possible to become pregnant without realizing it.

Real Housewives Star Brandi Redmond faced exactly this heartbreaking dilemma. A few months after receiving a Mommy Makeover she found out that she was pregnant - and, unfortunately, suffered a miscarriage. In tears she admitted her feelings of guilt, believing it was her fault.

But doctors say it probably wasn't.

Early Miscarriages Not Associated With the Mommy Makeover

It's true that the Mommy Makeover - in actuality a tummy tuck combined with a breast augmentation - can cause issues with bringing a baby to full development.

But in Redmond's case, she actually suffered a miscarriage early in the pregnancy. It was likely not the result of the Mommy Makeover, and therefore not her fault.

For early development to be affected, there would have tobe changes in the physiological system that could harm the embryo. This is simply not true for the Mommy Makeover.

Uncomfortable Truths Around Pregnancy

Miscarriages are much more common than people are aware. Even in mothers aware of the pregnancy, the miscarriage rate is 10-20%. And, surprisingly, silent miscarriages occur as often as 30-50% of the time.

This is a fact that surprises most people. The high rate of miscarriage even among couples aware of the pregnancy is particularly startling - and unknown perhaps because it is such an uncomfortable topic in society.

In one sense, it is easy to find a bad guy - in this case, plastic surgery. It helps to make sense of what is perhaps just an unfortunate aspect of nature.

If you're considering plastic surgery but have fears you may be pregnant, it's important to stay informed. Call here or check here for more information.

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