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Next-Gen Facial Treatments

Next-Gen Facial Treatments

Just like the T-1000 improved upon the already devastating Terminator from the first movie, the next generation of facial treatments is going to make you glow like never before.

Innovations are happening faster than you can imagine--and it can be hard to tell what's the latest and greatest.

Here's a sample of some of the facial treatments out there.

Lunch Break Lift

You've heard of a face lift, but the Lunch Break Lift can get you some of the same results without the long recovery time.

As the name implies, the treatment can be done in just under an hour. How's it work? Thread needle injections lift sagging skin -- and at the same time encourage the kind of collagen production and synthesis that can help prevent and reduce wrinkles.

The Real Housewives Facial

Now here's a treatment that really takes advantage of some of the newest technologies out there.

The Real Housewives facial doesn't just apply a thermal massage to the face--it uses LED light therapy, a noninvasive procedure that has just about every health benefit out there besides just improving wrinkles.

TCL Facial

As Marty McFly might say--this one's heavy. It uses some of the best treatments out there in one knockout punch. You've got two exfoliation peels.

An AHA peel and a Glycolic Peel. This is shortly followed by application of actual microcurrents to the face via a microcurrent exfoliating glove.

Talk about futuristic!

Which of These Treatments Is Best for Me?

As always, the consumer is left with a number of choices. Ultimately, different facial treatments have different effects--and suit different needs.

Every patient should research as much as possible, but also make sure to consult with an expert who can inform them best for their individual needs.

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