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Traveling for Cosmetic Surgery: How to Stay Safe

Patients are often cautioned to be careful with cosmetic tourism.

Patients are often cautioned to be careful with cosmetic tourism. This isn’t because the United States is the only country with qualified plastic surgeons to perform procedures–of course, that would be absurd.

Rather, it’s a function of the ability of patients to perform their due diligence in seeking out an appropriate doctor.

The Benefits of Staying Close to Home

Here’s one simple reason why staying close to home makes it easier to vet a doctor: it’s much easier to visit the facility ahead of time.

By doing cosmetic tourism, patients end up committing themselves to a procedure and doctor from, well, abroad, often without many of the basic fieldwork and reconnaissance we’d employ if we were visiting a doctor close to home.

Consider issues that may crop up abroad. Do you know the healthcare system of the country you’re visiting, or even the language?

Will you be able to stay in that country for an extended period while you’re health is more vulnerable following surgery–and will your staying conditions be safe?

If complications arise, how will you handle them? With the doctor abroad or one back home?

These are basic questions to consider. That said, there are ways to improve your surgery abroad.

Mirror the Process You’d Do at Home as Much as Possible

For one thing, vet a doctor’s certification. Is the surgeon certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery?

Do they have an online repository of testimonials–can you get into contact with anyone who’s used the surgeon before?

Is the Surgeon Willing to Do an In-Depth Virtual Consultation on Skype?

If you can, try and visit the facility ahead of time. While this might be expensive, it’s imperative to get as much information as possible–such as the basic cleanliness and operation of the facility.

If you want to travel abroad for surgery, make sure you consider these safety checks. If you want to know more research reputable surgeons in the area that you plan to visit.

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