6 Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

For patients with a double chin, it can often be the first thing they see when they look in the mirror or at photos.

For many people with a double chin, it can often be the first thing they see when they look in the mirror or at photos.

Not only can excess fat and loose skin under the chin cause self-consciousness, but it can also make men and women look years older.

Fortunately, there are a number of non-invasive treatments to help reduce and eliminate a double chin.

Aesthetic specialists recommend six double chin treatments based on the amount of fat and the laxity of the patient’s skin.

To Treat Minimal Fat Under the Chin

1.      Microcurrent Facial is a treatment that uses electrical currents to tighten the muscles under the chin for a more toned and firmer appearance.

Patients can expect to notice some change after they complete their first procedure.

(Time: 1 hour; Approximate Cost: $300/treatment)

2.      Radio-frequency Facial uses radio waves to heat and destroy fat cells that are naturally eliminated from the body.

This procedure also stimulates collagen and elastin to lift the skin under the chin, but can take several months to see final results.

(Time: 1 hour; Approximate Cost: $300/treatment)


To Treat Mild and Moderate Submental Fat

3.      Kybella is an injection of deoxycholic acid that destroys fat cell under the chin.

The results from a Kybella treatment are not immediately evident, as it takes the body several months to eliminate the destroyed cells.

(Time: 15 minutes; Approximate Cost: approx. $1200/treatment)

4.      CoolSculpting’s CoolMini applicator is designed to specifically treat superficial fat under the chin.

The CoolSculpting procedure freezes and kills fat cells with an application to each side of the chin.

(Time: 35 minutes; Approximate Cost: approx. $1000/treatment)

Some physicians recommend using the CoolMini to debulk a larger double chin and then, 6 weeks later, injecting Kybella to sculpt the remaining fat.

A Large Amount of Fat and Loose Skin Under the Chin May Require a Surgical Option

5.      Liposuction is advised to treat larger amounts of fat under the chin.

For younger patients with firm skin, Liposuction will yield excellent results with immediate reduction of the double chin.

(Time: 30-40 minutes; Approximate Cost: $2500+)

6.      Neck lift may be recommended in addition to liposuction for older patients with loose skin.

(Time: 60-90 minutes; Approximate Cost: $4300+)

If you’re interested in losing your double chin, give your local medical provider a call today.

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