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Celeb Treatments You Probably Didn’t Know Existed: SculpSure, Instalift & Hand Injections

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, everyone knows the classic jazz standards.

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, everyone knows the classic jazz standards.

That means your Botox, your dermal fillers, your breast augmentation, and even your neck lift.

But there’s a whole world of cosmetic treatments out there, some treatments either so new or just a little bit odd enough that they’re small secrets of the celebrities. Here are some of those crazy treatments.

The String Lift

Properly known as The Silhouette InstaLift, the doctor takes a literal string and sutures it into your jawline. The kicker? The string is made of… sugar.

The string is fitted with cones that tighten the skin on your face — and over time the string promotes collagen production. Then, over the course of six to eighteen months, the string dissolves.

Hand Injections

This one might make you chuckle if you’ve ever watched Zoolander. Some patients actually go for filler in their hands.

It might seem odd, but when you think about it, hands are, right after the face, some of the most obvious locations to look for aging.

If you go in for Botox and have a wonderful youthful face, but older hands, it’s sometimes a tell to others.


Platelet Rich Plasma’s a fairly well known procedure in which your own blood is used to take advantage of the body’s healing properties.

But you might not have heard of Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix, wherein the PRP is combined with a clotting factor to create what’s called a natural filler. 

Take the PRFM and use it as a filler on your face. You know. A filler made from your blood.

Nose injections

Perhaps this one’s not so odd.

Rather than get a rhinoplasty, some might opt for a nose injection, wherein filler is injected into the bridge of the nose to sculpt out the unevenness. 

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