Plastic Surgery

This Housewife Regrets Plastic Surgery

It’s important to check your schedule before you do surgery.

Plastic Surgery Regrets

It’s important to check your schedule before you do surgery. This seems simple, but, for TV stars, they might not have the choice.

Bad Timing. Real Bad Timing.

Vicki Gunvalson is no stranger to plastic surgery. In fact, unlike Courtney Cox, she doesn’t regret doing plastic surgery as a whole.

And, in fact, the reason she regrets certain procedures she underwent is because of timing.

Laboring under the misapprehension that there’d be few months’ break before the next season started shooting, she found herself recovering from a nose procedure and a chin procedure while they were filming.

She describes the effect as having “moonface.” A moonface that, unfortunately for her, will forever be enshrined on screen for anyone watching.

So Swollen It Was Difficult to Move Her Mouth

There’s no doubt that plastic surgery can be taxing on the body. Swelling post-surgery is to be expected, though procedures will vary on how long it takes to recover.

For most of us, a two to three month break from work simply isn’t practical. But it’s important to set aside time to recover if you undergo plastic surgery.

Therefore, before considering plastic surgery, consider what other cosmetic treatment options you have.

There’s no doubt that, even today with all the innovative treatments, plastic surgery will be able to achieve results that other treatments simply won’t.

But it’s also true that many innovative procedures, such as those that use ultrasounds or lasers, simply have a much shorter recovery time.

It’s important to realistically consider your options, your pricepoint, and whether you feel you’d be able to deal with a shorter or longer recovery period.

So take a step back. Do your research, and find out what’s best for you. It might be better to wait to have a plastic surgery treatment done or skip the scalpel all together. 

Interested in cosmetic treatment, but not sure if you want to go the surgery route or something less invasive? Contact a specialist in your area today.

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