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What Is DualSculpting?

What Is Dualsculpting?

While most people are familiar with CoolSculpting, not everyone has heard of DualSculpting.

While most people are familiar with CoolSculpting, not everyone has heard of DualSculpting.

DualSculpting uses two CoolSculpting devices for fat-freezing on multiple parts of the body at once. This approach is designed to save patients time, maximize fat reduction, and improve clinical outcomes.

Continue reading to learn all about DualSculpting, including how it works and why it’s only offered at top CoolSculpting practices like Cool Contours in Northern Virginia.

So What Exactly Is DualSculpting?

DualSculpting is an advanced CoolSculpting treatment that simultaneously freezes and eliminates fat from multiple areas of the body.

It is an ideal solution for patients who want to target several trouble spots within a single appointment or those that want to expedite the treatment process.

How Does DualSculpting Work?

A traditional CoolSculpting treatment involves one device and one treatment applicator, which vacuums fat and delivers controlled cooling to a single area. Each CoolSculpting application takes 35-60 minutes, depending on the applicator used.

In the event that an individual wants to treat a bilateral area of the body, like the upper arms, flanks, or thighs, treatment would have to be performed on the left side of the body and then the right side of the body. As a result, treatment time would double to 70-120 minutes.

DualSculpting uses two CoolSculpting machines and two applicators to treat multiple areas at once. As such, the provider would attach an applicator to the left flank and right flank and simultaneously target both sides in one session.

This cuts treatment time in half, reduces the need for multiple office visits, allows for a more customized treatment, and increases symmetry in results.

Do All CoolSculpting Providers Offer DualSculpting?

DualSculpting is a cutting-edge technology that not only requires multiple CoolSculpting machines and applicators, it also necessitates advanced training and expertise.

Accordingly, not all practices offer this sculpting option, and those that do typically specialize in body sculpting and have years of CoolSculpting experience.

Interested in DualSculpting?

If you are considering CoolSculpting or DualSculpting, call a reputable office in your area to schedule a comprehensive consultation with a highly skilled and talented provider.

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