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The New Instagram Plastic Surgery Trend

Social media has become the perfect medium for the beauty industry, including showcasing a popular new trend in plastic surgery–Otoplasty.

Ear Surgery on Instagram and Beyond

Social media has become the perfect medium for the beauty industry. Instagram models and a few of their plastic surgeons alike show off their work, from eyelid surgerybreast augmentation and even face lifts. But now there’s a new body part under the spotlight: Ears.

There has been an upswing in plastic surgery offices posting pictures about recent Otoplasty procedures–especially in Russia. Nearly 7,000 images of the cosmetic ear operation can be found on Instagram.

The procedure is used to change the shape or position of the ear. The craze is going global via social media – where you always need to look your best.

Typically, patients undergo Otoplasty if they feel their ears stick out too far from the sides of their head. That’s one thing an Instagram filter won’t fix. The procedure can be done at any time after your ears have reached full growth which is roughly around five years old.

So if you’re reading this, you’re probably eligible for some brand new ears. With the surgery, doctors can optimize the symmetry and size of your ears. And, of course, your hearing will not be affected.

If you want to get in early on this trend, speak to a board-certified doctor about your options and your nearest outpatient surgical facility.

The operation takes about two hours and in some cases, you may not even need to be sedated after some local anesthesia.

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