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This Nationwide Shortage Could Affect Your Plastic Surgery

In a somewhat obtuse series of events, plastic surgery may just have become a lot more expensive for everyone.

In a somewhat obtuse series of events, plastic surgery may just have become a lot more expensive for everyone.

The reason being surgery in general just got a lot more expensive. 

The reason behind this sudden surge in prices? Well… hurricanes, actually.

More specifically, how hurricanes affected the availability of IV Fluids.

A Rise from $100 to $400

In short, Hurricane Maria damaged medical facilities in Puerto Rico that manufactured IV fluid supplies. You may not know it, but IV Fluids are actually required for surgeries that need anesthesia.

And of course, cosmetic surgeries fall under that umbrella. 

The largest shortages are in small-volume products such as 50 millimeter bags of sodium chloride solutions. 

The FDA is working with Baxter to restore operations in these facilities as fast as possible.

Solutions included the use of generators to increase production, the importation of supplies from Baxter plants in Ireland, Australia, Mexico, and Canada, and the moving around of inventory to meet the supply of the U.S. market.

Still, it doesn’t look like the shortage will be resolved for several months.

Cosmetic Treatment Centers Are Being Hit a Bit Worse

A lack of IV Fluid supplies might sound like a national disaster. And while it’s certainly worrisome, don’t panic: it’s not as if anyone’s going to die because of lack of supplies.

Hospitals have more than ample supplies. But small time centers such as small practices that perform cosmetic treatments? They’ll most likely be the first to get hit, especially as hospitals are going to be much higher on the priority list. 

With supplies costing as much as four times what they used to, it may simply not be sustainable for plastic surgeons and other cosmetic treatment practitioners who rely on IV Fluids. 

Interested in knowing more about how this may affect you? Call your local plastic surgeon if you’re planning on getting a treatment done in the near future.

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1 Comment

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